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Child Seat – د.م. 100/day

Protect your children at all times

There's no substitute for safety, especially when you're transporting children. Each time you reserve a Budget rental car, be sure to request a safety seat for each child traveling with you. To reserve a child safety seat, simply select the appropriate size during the online reservation process, or speak to our call center agents. We have selected 4 key questions to keep the information simple and succinct. We understand car rental can be difficult and it's our goal to change this by making all our products and services transparent for our customers.

Maximum quantity should be 2 of "Child Seat


Protective Insurance د.م. 100/day

Coverage with 100% protection in case of theft of emblems and damage to the bodywork and/or paint of the rented Vehicle as a result of small bumps and minor scratches caused by acts of vandalism and/or bad faith of third parties.

Longboard Car Surf Rack د.م. 50/day

This add-on is available for Car

Surflogic Hardware SUP / Longboard Soft Racks
Surflogic Hardware SUP / Longboard Soft Racks make it easy and worry-free to transport up to two SUP's or longboards on the roof of your car. These flexible soft racks are easy to secure to the top of your car using the heavy-duty 30mm wide nylon webbing straps and the 30mm wide utility buckle that are integrated into the Surflogic Soft Rack System. The buckles of the Surflogic Soft Racks Range come with a neoprene padded base to ensure extra protection for your car and your surf and water sports boards. The Surflogic Hardware Soft Racks are also easy to store at home or in your car as they come packed in a durable and reusable carry bag. Throw the Surflogic SUP / Longboard Soft Racks in your luggage for your next surf trip and arrive at your destination with the peace of mind that your quiver will be safe on top of your rental car. Surflogic – change the way you travel and get active.  

Longboard Bike Surf Rack د.م. 50/day

This add-on is available for Scooter Neo’s 4

Moved By Bikes – Longboard – Rack
Our Longboard Racks mount right to your frame, making them super stable even with longboards and even stand-up paddle boards (SUPs) up to about 25 lbs. The racks work great with shortboards too. The front mount is designed to secure right to your bike frame headtube, one of the strongest places on your frame. The rear mount can either be mounted to your seatpost, or a conventional rear cargo rack if you have one (the box comes with hardware to support both options).
  • High quality
  • Super stable
  • Aluminum and stainless steel against rust
  • Fits (almost) every bike and/or moped
  • Easy installation and adjustable
  • Longboard


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